Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nag River Rejuvenation

As some of you are already aware, Nagpur First has recently taken up an initiative to help restore and rejuvenate Nag River...(It is more of a 'nala' though).

A team of people in Nagpur and another team in Chicago is helping set up some initial ground work to take this effort forward.

We anticipate that this would be a multi-year, multi-dimensional undertaking and Nagpur First would seek dedicated team members to champion this. People with experience and knowledge on this subject are welcome to send in serious and constructive suggestions. Response and Comments on this post will be appreciated.

In view of this effort, Dineshji and I, met with Dr. Prakasam Tata at his residence yesterday in Naperville. Dr. Tata was kind enough to give us some insight in the work he did in the field of water treatment and related areas.

Recently Dr. Tata overlooked a project to salvage a 170-acre lake in his home town of Vizianagaram in AP. He worked in collaboration with US and UN agencies to get success on this project.

Dr. Tata worked at various levels in Research and Technical Management at Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, IL.
MWRC serves an area of 883 square miles (2,290 km2) which covers the City of Chicago and 125 suburban municipalities.
The District operates the largest wastewater treatment plant in the world, the Stickney Water Reclamation Plant in Stickney, Illinois, in addition to six other plants and 23 pumping stations
He is also the President of India Development Coalition of America (IDCA) , an organization, we are looking to seek guidance from on this project as they have some experience in this field. IDCA has worked extensively on Yamuna River rejuvenation in and around Delhi. We are already in touch with key members of this organization.

Mr. Amit Badiyani, on the other end, is co-ordinating efforts to work with key people from Nagpur, the folks who first suggested us the Nag River Rejuvenation project.(More details to follow).

We are indulging in more research and information gathering in coming weeks to have a good handle on this undertaking. We will be posting more Data and technical information as and when more progress is made. As again, your response with any information that can help us will be encouraged.

A start has been made and we hope to see Nag river transformed into a truly 'living river' in a few years.

As we gather more momentum on this, here's some fun stuff, members of Nagpur First blog readers can try. We would like you to suggest us a Name for this initiative.

Few pointers

1] The name should be short and relevant to the cause.

2] Negative connotations like Andolan and Bachao should be avoided

3] You can use either of the three languages (English,Hindi,Marathi) to come up, but sticking to the core essence

4] It should be constructive and positive in it's tone.

Some suggestions have alread been made, including..


'Nag Nadi Utthapan Abhiyan'

NEAT - Nag river Accomplishment using Environmental Technologies

Nag River Development Project

Once we zero down to popular ones, we'll put an online vote too!

So readers, let your creative juices work full time or just pick the one you like best..



  1. Project name suggestion: Nag-pure!
    Motivation: Brings to mind Nag river, Nagpur City and Purity.

    Good luck!

  2. I second Faiz's suggestion for Nag-Pure, very innovative and meaningful.

    Motivation: Pure Nag, Pure Nagpur.

  3. Great! So let the Nag-purification begin!

  4. Between waterscapes and cityscapes

  5. Nag-Pure is good..other option: Nag-पुनरुत्थान